"Permanent Promotions"
A comment on extreme brand promotions and the crazy things consumers will commit to.
"Amazon Attacks"
A movie poster style.
From Marketing Dive:
"The e-commerce giant has already helped topple big name retailers. With its aggressive moves into advertising, video and voice, who's next?"
"Nike's Risky Business"
From Marketing Dive: "The athletic apparel brand has seen success by taking controversy in stride and standing by ambassadors like Serena Williams and Colin Kaepernick."

"The Collateral Damage of InfoWars"
From Marketing Dive: "Brands get caught in the crossfire as thousands of Twitter users put pressure on the social platform to permanently ban Alex Jones."
"Airbnb Gets Stonewalled"
From Marketing Dive: "A sleepover contest the home-sharing service attempted to host on the Great Wall of China was called off after pushback from locals."
"Bitcoin Bank"
From Marketing Dive: "Brands like Starbucks, McDonald's and Oscar Mayer have cashed in on the cryptocurrency craze with marketing stunts and a deal with the owner of the New York Stock Exchange."
Privacy challenges pop up faster than Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg can put them down.
"Papa, Hold the John"
Papa John's Pizza tries to distance itself from it's founder and his racist statements.
"Transparent Trap"
Facebook attempts to screen out ads and posts by deceptive parties.
"Personas Non Gratas"
The CEO of Unilever wants real followers, not bought ones.
"The Hack-King"
Brands like Burger King have begun using Anonymous-like hacking techniques on their campaigns.
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