“The Paper Chase”
Who’s got the hustle in your family?

Mouths Wide Shut”
At the heart of every happy relationship is an open mind. Open mouth doesn’t hurt, too

“Moonlight Sonata”
It’s a marvelous night for a moonflower.

“Washed Out”
Whose hands aren’t sandpaper from washing and sanitizing in an attempt to prevent the spread of the CoronaVirus?

“Spring Hopes Eternal” 
In this crazy time, we hope everyone reading our comic is staying healthy and keeping their spirits up.

“Pandemic Portals”
We’re all trying to wrap our heads around this thing and looking for hope on the other side.

”Shut Down”
The cycle of “worried” / “not worried” goes on and on.

“The Blooming Heart”
Lisa’s family is filled with medical, math and science types, which is great. But sometimes when they explain things, Lisa sees them a little differently.

We’re thinking about inviting TikTok to the Background Noise party. Any requests?

“Season Finale” 
All good things must come to an end- especially vacations.

“Seasoning of the Witch”
Does food make you Emoji-nal?

“Write of Way”
Writer’s block has its twists and turns

“‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”
If your fridge is stuffed and you leave leftover ice cream cake on the back porch, you never know what kind of creatures you’ll attract.

“The Fever”
There's needing a little space, then there's this. 

“Scared Sick”
As the pandemic grinds on, it tightens its grip on our bodies and our minds. Looking forward to a brighter time when we can put all this behind us, and we wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes on the last comic.

“Flew the Coup”
United we stand. Divided we fall into insanity.

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