Football TV Commercial Pitch
Artwork for pitch of an animated commercial for the awesome, award-winning production studio HORNET.
Three famous football players are called into super-heroic action to remind families how fun it is to gather together around a warm tv showing football.
(The players depicted here were not officially connected with the pitch, they were just used as placeholders. They did not endorse the pitch or it's creators in any way).
Hornet gave me a great deal of creative freedom, and with their brilliant direction we created a really fun pitch.
Plenti "Fat Cat" Pitch
The concept: get Plenti members to use their cards more often and with more Plenti partners by giving them a virtual kitten to care for. This kitten would grow with every swipe of their Plenti card, growing in size and coughing up Plenti points!
Concept and layout by Ericka Robbins. Character designs by me.
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